We are here to provide pastors and churches in The Northwest District with training resources, partnering opportunities Partnering opportunities and potential trip opportunities.

District Missions Directors

Dave Hopewell and David Pfnister

NEXT INternship

NEXT is Global Partners’ mentored cross-cultural immersion experience for young adults. Pass along the NEXT website to anyone in your church who is searching for meaning and their place in God’s kingdom work. Download and share the 2-minute NEXT video in your service or in your church newsletters. The best next step for anyone interested is to fill out the inquiry form, and they will be contacted for a follow-up conversation. The website is continually updated with the upcoming internship opportunities for spring, summer and fall. Applications for summer 2022 are being accepted through the end of 2021.

Five-Phase strategy

Global Partners accomplishes this Five-Phase strategy by sending missionaries and by facilitating the development of churches. Click HERE for the link for more information. 

Global marketplace multipliers

Click HERE for more information.


building hope in haiti

We have a $50,000 match – dollar for dollar from an individual toward the work in increasing the capacity of the Wesleyan  hospital on the Island of LaGonave – We are working with a group that is helping us with a 5 year strategic plan – so this is part of the first phase.   We were so pleased that the hospital and the Wesleyan Church of Haiti were the leaders in the recovery efforts of the earthquake.   Our Haitian doctors and nurses were the first people into the affected area – in less than 24 hrs. after the earthquake struck.    This is the church at work over the long haul.      It was interesting that a New York Times Reporter was there to report on the earthquake and her ultimate assessment was “The Church is the safety net for the people of Haiti.   It is here they educate their children, it is here they receive medical care, it is here they find community.  The Church is the backbone of Haiti.” I thought these were amazing words from a secular reporter – God’s church is never extinguished.


Below are some of the items the match would provide: 

  • Provide space and equipment for 1 maternity bed unit …..$1000 – we need 18 of these
  • Help 1 baby birth and delivery/post- natal care includes mom as well……$1500
  • Build, furnish and supply equipment  one exam room ……$2800
  • Provide 1 day’s worth of Oxygen for the Hospital ……..$50 a day
  • Help one patient access medical care at LaGonave Hospital …..$412 per patient
  • Build and Furnish and supply Equipment for an ER patient room ……$24,000
  • Build Furnish and supply for one Isolation room unit……………….$24,000


Immersion trip to Uganda with GracePoint Wesleyan
Dates TBD - First week of July 2022 for 14 days
$1000 plus airfare

Be a part of a Leadership Conference with AsOne Africa.  We’ll have speakers from around the world present on pressing leadership principles. Most of all, we’ll walk alongside Ugandas to learn about God and their culture.   

Let Dave Hopewell know if you’d be interested in joining by emailing him at dhopewell@gracepointwesleyan.org.


The Hispanic District will be taking a mission trip to Cuba in fall/winter 2022. If you would like more information about it, please contact the district office at info@northwestdistrict.org