The pastors portal has been replaced with TWCHub where you’ll be able to update your profile and do your reports, including the Local Church Statistical Report (LCSR). This year’s annual reporting opens May 1, 2021 using the new TWCHub Ministerial Community. On that day, each credentialed person will be notified and given direction by email.

The email, scheduled to be sent automatically will be identified as follows:
Subject line: Welcome to TWCHub - Pastor Database and Home of 2021 ASR/LCSR Reporting

Several of you have recently reported not being able to submit your ASR. The nature of the problem has been found. When you get the reminder email and follow the link, it is problematic if you never opened your original email to verify (set your password) for your account. The reminder email link should have never taken you directly to the report if you haven't first verified your account. 

The Solution
Here are a few different ways to login to submit your report:

  • Click on the direct link to the Ministerial Community in TWCHub. ( Login or reset your password and try submitting your ASR again. 
  • Go to your original email from May 1 and follow the instructions in the email. Here is a video that can walk you through this step:
  • If you're logged into TWCHub, go to your profile and execute a "reset password." 

If you still need assistance, contact
We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused you.


DUE MAY 25, 2021

Annual Service Reports should be completed by all ministerial students, licensed pastors, commissioned pastors and ordained pastors. 

Please take a moment to update your profile.


DUE MAY 25, 2021

All lead pastors need to complete the LCSR using the new portal app by May 25, 2021.

Click HERE for the LCSR worksheet.

Click HERE to find out how to record live online attendance-updated Jan. 2021.

 LCSR Instructions.

Instructions to review your LCSR from a previous year.

Login to TWCHub.

Enter the name of the church in the search field. 

Select the church you're looking for.

Click on the "Related" tab. 

Select "Review Responses" for the 2019 or 2020 LCSR. 

TWCHub User Guide

Download the TWCHub Ministerial Community User Guide for a complete step-by-step walk-through guiding you through creating your account and completing your ASR & LCSR.


Helps and guides for completing your Annual Service Report and/or Local Church Statistical Report.